• Pre-wedding/ Couple Portraits
  • Why should we get a pre-wedding shoot done?

    There are several benefits of a pre-wedding shoot. First and foremost, it is an opportunity to celebrate who you are as a couple, before the routines of a married life set in. During a pre-wedding shoot, through a series of pictures, I will try to preserve your romance, intimacy, and your personalities. Since I will likely cover both your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding, it serves another important function, that is of building rapport with the camera and the photographer in advance. It gives the couple a personal space to open up and show their emotions in front of the camera, which might not be possible during the chaotic Indian wedding days with so many guests around. It also allows me to learn what is important to you.

  • When should we get it done?

    Ideally, the pre-wedding shoot should be done as soon as you get engaged. Your emotions and feelings are fresh when you have just stepped into a new relationship and are enjoying the courtship period without any worries of the wedding preparations. In case you are not able to get the shoot done at the time of your engagement, you should get it done at least 2-3 months before the wedding, to give you ample time for including the pictures in your invitations.

  • What location should we choose?

    Location plays an important role in a pre-wedding shoot; some locations recall good memories and are more romantic for you. Otherwise, you may feel connected to a location. For example, a place/ city where you two met for the first time. It could be a town/ neighborhood where you grew up, a place where you like spending time with each other, or a place which represents you, your personality. The idea behind a pre-wedding shoot is basically to capture who you are as a couple. So choose a location close to your heart and your feelings will naturally surface.

    If you are finding it difficult to pick a location, let me make suggestions that have worked for other clients in the past. Most of the cities in India have some heritage/ historical places which can be used as a location for your shoot. Some of them resemble strength, others beauty, and some are even a dedication of love. From my perspective, they provide open spaces, great backdrops, and a remote association with the era in which it was built. You could also choose a location based on the activities you do together. Something which is part of your daily routine. It can be anything from dancing to exercising to hiking or working together or even cooking

  • What is the timeline of a shoot?

    Duration of the shoot depends on our mutual agreement and the specifics including location, and ideas for shoot. If travel is involved, we should plan it ahead of time. The average shoot time is 5-6 hours. If you want photographs at more than two locations requiring more time, then pre-wedding shoot will be of multiple days with an added price.

    From natural lighting perspective, I would suggest to choose early morning hours ( 6:00 am to 11:00 am) or in the evening. Day time involves dealing with harsh yellow sunlight, which should be completely avoided.

  • What should we wear for our pre-wedding shoot?

    A mix of both indian and western clothing would be ideal. But it's your shoot, so you define your style. Wear something in which you feel confident and comfortable. Both bright and pastel colors work. You should wear complementing colors. Try to avoid shades of green if the shoot is to take place surrounded by trees or outdoors in general.

  • What props should we use in a pre-wedding shoot?

    Props play a secondary role in your shoots. The primary is you, your emotions and feelings. You should definitely not have props in your photoshoot which don't speak of your personality. They should be chosen carefully, discussed with me before hand. I have included here a sample list of props (Note: this list is just for ideas and organizational purposes; it's not necessary to have all of the props listed below for your pre-wedding shoot)

        • An instrument which your partner plays
        • Surprise gifts for your partner
        • Flowers; balloons, chocolates etc
        • Chalk & Slates
        • Umbrellas
        • Dupatta
        • Dry holi colors/ glitters
        • Bubble maker
        • Bicycle; Cycle rickshaw; Auto rickshaw; Vintage scooter; Vintage Car; Thela; Boat etc

    The list is endless. In a nutshell, whatever props you choose they should match your personality. Props should only be used if you want a more fun kind of shoot. But if you are looking for more simple and romantic images of you, I would suggest to not use props at all, since they distract you from being yourself.

  • What is your style of shooting?

    It is very important to know your photographer and their style. Not every photographer out there will be a perfect choice for you. There should be a sort of match between the kind of images you want and the style of shooting of your photographer. Best way to know my style is to look at my work and then talk to me in person about what did you like about my work. Below is a description of my work in my own words.

    My classic, timeless and simplistic photography speaks of my style as a photographer. I attempt to take photographs which tell a story of you as a couple. My subjects are your feelings and emotions. When we work together on your portraits, I am not there to make images of the place or the props we use in our shoot. They are all secondary. Primary is you; your emotions, your love, they way you feel, the way you connect, and the fun that you have when together.