Memorial Dr Atlanta – A Photo Series

Memorial Dr Atlanta – A Photo Series

I started this personal project of documenting the developed and undeveloped area on Memorial Dr between Oakland Ave and Chester Ave (1 mile stretch).

The half mile stretch from Chester Ave to Boulevard is mostly empty industrial lots. These ghostly lots were once part of the thriving industry of Atlanta’s economy. One of them is the huge property belonging to Atlanta Dairies.

The other half mile stretches from Boulevard to Oakland Ave. In this stretch on one side of the road stands the majestic Oakland Cemetery with Atlanta Downtown rising behind it while the other side is loaded with famous restaurants, bars and coffee shops like Six Feet Under, Tin Lizzy’s, Octane etc.

If you walk down this 1 mile stretch, you will see a lot of differences in terms of people walking on the sidewalks, vacant abandoned properties vs flourishing & crowded restaurants and coffee shops. The difference is also seen in the graffiti art.

I tried to capture these differences and to tell a story. But I did not find myself successful in doing so. I would have to go again and capture the place from a fresh and different perspective. Till the next time, I will be sharing some of the images that I self critiqued and selected and would welcome feedback of you all.

Some more information on Memorial Dr: Memorial drive connects downtown Atlanta to eastern suburbs and goes all the way to stone mountain highway. You can read more about Memorial Dr  here


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