A colorful Marwari wedding: Shivangi ❤️ Satya

A colorful Marwari wedding: Shivangi ❤️ Satya

Shivangi & Satya’s two-day wedding events in the chilly cold weather of Sikar city were full of warmth from the love of family, friends, and relatives. The Haldi pooja, mehndi, sangeet, pheras (wedding ceremony), and various other rasams of a Marwari wedding reflected the true colors of Rajasthan. 

Shivangi (the bride) and Satya (the groom) have known each other for a long time. Presently, Shivangi is pursuing her graduate studies at a university on the east coast of the USA while Satya is working with a company on the west coast of the USA.  Thousands of miles apart, yet connected through the strongest of bonds, love, they make a happy couple. 

On her wedding day, Shivangi was one cold nervous bride. I sensed and captured this nervousness of her right at the beginning of the day when she was getting ready for her wedding ceremony.  Being a woman myself and married, I could understand the roller coaster ride of emotions that she was going through. Putting myself in her shoes, helped me anticipate those moments and be prepared to capture them. 

I remember having a small chat with Shivangi asking her how does it feel like to be married, and her answer was ” I’m good, plunged straight into the semester soon after the wedding and now it feels like it was all a dream. Life hasn’t changed much and I’m still just running around from libraries to my department.”

This message from her, made me think about weddings. How it was for me, how it is for every girl. It sure is a dream for everyone. For some, it’s a dream to come true through the things they always wished to have at their wedding. And for some, it feels like a dream later.

Below are few of the beautiful moments that portray the essence of  Shivangi & Satya’s wedding.

Shivangi & Satya, it was wonderful working with you both and your families. I hope you all will cherish these moments forever.  May you two be together soon. Keep the love on!


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