Get Pampered

Contemporary Portraits

Have you ever seen a beautiful photograph of yourself?

Allow me to make that for you. Have you ever wondered what it was like to to have a celebrity make-up and photoshoot? To be pampered the whole day. To be made over by professional. To have your portraits taken like you are going to be in a Vanity Fair Magazine?

Contemporary Portraits
Contemporary Portraits
women glamour portraiture

This women-only portraiture studio celebrates and salutes womanhood everyday. Take a day off in your life and come to my studio for a portrait session. It is not just a regular photo session. I want you to feel glamorous, to be pampered for a day. There will be professional make up and hairstylist just for you and during your consultation session, we will discuss your wardrobe styling which will be customized just for you.

It’s time to take out that jewelry from your wedding kept in bank lockers and to make Maharani style portraits in those silk, chiffon and brocade sarees.

It’s time to dress like you always wanted to, in gowns, skirts or as simple as jeans and top.

It’s time to make your dream into reality with these portraitures by embracing your body curves and skin type.

It’s time to be YOU!

Book a portrait session for your self, your mother, sister, wife or daughter. Create a family legacy with these portraits and come for generations shoot with your grandmother, mother, and daughter. Come to have fun with your friends and make memories for a lifetime.

Consultations for the portrait sessions open now.