Jaipur Candid Wedding Photography – Sujata’s dream wedding

Jaipur Candid Wedding Photography Story:

You celebrate her birth. You eagerly wait for her to learn to abuse your name. You are amused by her off-age comments. Your stress disappears when you hear her non-stop chatter. She grows, and you learn to depend on her. You stay up till she returns from a friend’s birthday. You put your everything into making that one day special you had dreamt of since the day she was born. And then, she is gone. You cry because you miss her.

“Its painful to give away a piece of your heart, your daughters.”

As a candid photographer, I am motivated to capture these special moments as honestly and richly as possible. So that when you look back through the pictures, you travel to that moment and experience it once again.

Sujata, I enjoyed throughly every moment of your wedding and was able to capture some of the priceless moments through my photography. I hope I did a satisfactory job in contributing towards your dream wedding.

I wish you and Siddharth all the happiness you deserve 🙂


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