Decatur Streets in Fall

I have been shooting for while in Decatur Streets, learning or saying taking the risk of street photography. It is challenging, and therefore interesting. I usually use my buddy 35mm f/1.8 prime for street photography. I have tried taking pictures at streets earlier with 55-200mm zoom lens, and found it pretty easy to take pictures of strangers from a distance. But once I picked up my buddy 35mm, it was hell lot of challenging and interesting to take pictures of strangers from a close distance without even asking them.

This time I decided to go with a approach of zone focusing or pre-focusing to a specific distance. This is a simple approach of taking pictures without looking through the viewfinder. BELIEVE ME IT IS. With a prime lens it is more easy because we are aware of the perspective of a fixed focal length. I kept my camera just below my neck, to pretend that I am not taking picture, just hanging it around my neck. With this approach, I certainly messed up with many shots, but did got some really great perspectives. I am sharing some of the pictures from the photo walk here. Enjoy viewing!!

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