Candid Wedding Photography Jaipur Story: Swena & Vaibhav’s Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

Candid Wedding Photography Jaipur Story from a Big Fat Indian wedding of Swena & Vaibhav

I met Swena & Vaibhav first more than 5 years back at my best friends wedding. And yes, their story also started then. Now after all these years they approached me to work with them as a candid wedding photographer for their wedding in Jaipur. Its wonderful to work with  people you know and the bride, groom and their families also get very comfortable around a photographer whom they know personally.

Indian weddings are days of merrymaking, times of reunions, and chances of making new friends. This is one special multi-day event where food, festivities, music, and dancing abound.

Swena & Vaibhav’s wedding events from Bachelor party to Hawan Pooja to Mehndi to Sangeet night to Wedding ceremony and Vidaai had all of the above elements. Those 5 fun-filled days remind me of vivid colors, and emotions. Here are a few photographs that are my best effort to capture these events in all their richness.

Swena, as  I have told you before – ” you are the prettiest bride I have ever seen”. I loved all your outfits and jewelry. They were so unique. The blue at bachelor’s, the yellow for hawan, the black for mehndi, the blue black for sangeet, and the beautiful red, green and golden for wedding day. All of them were just perfect for every occasion.

Vaibhav, you were charming and looked handsome in all the few occasions I had the chance to interact with you. Swena, you are a lucky girl to have him as your partner.

I loved meeting and interacting with your families and friends. Love and warmth was present everywhere. I hope my pictures allow you to relive everything that made those 5 days a once in a lifetime experiences for you two 🙂

Thank you once again for allowing me to document your beautiful wedding.

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