ATL-SEA Road Trip – Day 2 : Night Stay at Oklahoma City

ATL-SEA Road Trip – Day 2 : Night Stay at Oklahoma City

From Memphis downtown we headed towards Oklahoma City(OKC). But before reaching OKC for our night stay, Aman and I decided to take a side trip to Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Before entering the park, there was a very small town,Hot Springs, surrounded by low lying mountains. The downtown was full of row of bathhouses constructed in 1800’s, which then offered public a chance to relax in the hot spring water and now serve as day spas & pools for relaxation, museums, and arts center.

Though water is the main attraction of the park, we didn’t get to see any hot or cold springs throughout the park as (may be) I was too lazy to hike through any trails in the mountains and find a hot spring (because I didn’t see any marks/signs on maps for hot springs as such, I decided not to hike).

But we did gather some useful information for us and for everyone else reading this blog – it is scientifically determined that these hot springs are over 4000 years old and the park collects 700,000 gallons of water a day for use in the public drinking fountains and bathhouses from them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 16.52.11Since, we didn’t get to see any hot springs, we started thinking this side trip was a total waste of time. But before this feeling could rest in, the drive out of the park to Olahoma city through Ouchita National Forest became interesting and beautiful as it was almost time for sunset. I enjoyed driving through the forest and did stop to take a picture of a house nestled in the middle of the farmlands just after exiting the Ouchita Forest.


As we entered the OKC, we noticed that the street names were written in white instead of black on green plates. Moreover, every street name plate had a stamp of the city of OKC.

For our night halt we slept at an Extended Stay America, somewhere near the airport.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 16.59.15


Summary of the Day – Miles travelled: Approx. 500; Hours driven: 8 hours; Time zone change: From CT to CT; States crossed: Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma; Cities visited: Memphis, Hot Springs, and Oklahoma City.

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