ATL-SEA Road Trip – Day 2: Beale Street, Memphis, TN

ATL-SEA Road Trip – Day 2: Beale Street, Memphis, TN

After a self made breakfast at Karen’s (our last nite host), Aman mounted the GoPro camera on the dashboard for documenting our road trip through another angle and we departed to explore the city of blues music – Memphis. Though Beale street has to be visited at night for experiencing its neon lights and live music outside every store/ cafe, but we were glad we visited during the day, as we escaped the International Music Festival crowds (which was to happen tonight) and had time to explore the gems of the Beale Street.


1. ASchwab Store – established since 1876 – oldest store in Mid-South, housed in oldest remaining building on Beale Street, family owned, sold by Schwab Family in 2011(after 136 years) . A great store for shopping souvenirs.
2. Rum Boogie Cafe: The whole cafe was filled up with hanging autographed guitars, every wall, lamp, table and what not was was covered with autographed one dollar wish bills.
3. Small Boardwalk along the Mississippi River before heading out towards Oklahoma City

Here are few photos of the Rum Boogie Cafe

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