Sonal is a self-taught professional photographer, who believes in creating images in natural environments. She runs a successful wedding photography business and has single-handedly covered 14 wedding,  20 portrait clients and has delivered more than 10,000 edited photographs in the past 2 years. For her, photography is a means to share her unique way of looking at the world with others. She aspires to tell a story through her pictures.

Sonal believes in giving back to the community. She offers her photography skills through workshops for free or nominal charge. A few months ago, she conducted a three-day workshop in India, teaching kids the basics of digital photography. Apart from workshops, she loves mentoring others who are eager to learn this art form. Teaching gives her happiness and motivates her to strive for learning more each day.

While taking break from wedding photography, Sonal spends time with her husband in New Delhi. She also loves practicing yoga, learning Jazz dance, traveling, and cooking.

Photo Credit: Aman Parnami